27 years as a Molly Maid Franchisee

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The franchise business opportunity is stronger than ever. Currently the estimate is over 750,000 franchise businesses in the United States. Thinking back to 1987, I can remember a few of the old standards, Big Boy Restaurants, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Denny’s and a few others. But most certainly one would not think of thousands and thousands of franchises like today.

Twenty-seven years ago is when Janet Fahar purchased her Molly Maid franchise. She was working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and was feeling she was on a dead end street, going nowhere. She decided to purchase a Molly Maid franchise located in Western Fairfax County, which is almost twenty-five miles west of Washington DC.

Think of today’s technology age. So many gadgets and information to track, follow, inform, research, share, and view. Well, when Janet started there were no cell phones, no beepers, no computers, no GPS, no accounting software, no payroll software, just paper and pencil. Janet started with one employee only. Two if you count herself, as she also did cleaning.

Today her son Steve is very involved and helps run the company. Steve majored in marketing in college and then worked with computers and IT. This experience turned out to be very valuable for their Molly Maid Franchise. Their company now does an astounding one million dollars in revenue a year with twenty-five employees. The company averages cleaning two hundred thirty homes per week. Absolutely incredible numbers! No wonder she is the Molly Maid Shining Star Award recipient.

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