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Family time is the best time. So many people in the United States are trading time for dollars. Both parents are working or worse yet a single parent working two jobs to try and make ends meet. Charles Crosdale could see the writing on the wall and made a change. A time change was needed for his family and perhaps a better life style.

Charles was an IT Executive who made good money, but was often away from his young family too often. He started researching franchises and seeking advice. AdvantaClean franchise was available right in his community in Clearwater Florida.

Having been in customer service all his adult life, AdvantaClean was an easy switch to a new career. In case you do not know the name AdvantaClean, it is a franchise business which offers services such as HVAC duct cleaning, replacing air filters, dryer vent cleaning, and mold removal. The company helps you maintain good safe air quality throughout your home or business.

Charles tells the story that when he first started looking into the AdvantaClean System franchise, he actually did not realize such businesses existed. Now four years later, AdvantaClean Systems brags about their former IT Executive.

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