Handyman Matters Tech, true story about Julie Daniels from Clearwater Florida

Handyman Matters because quality matters

Julie Daniels from Clearwater Florida is the owner and a Handyman Matters Tech, true story! As far as being your repairman or tech, she tells how when she first purchased the franchise she was very green. Her contracting experience was limited and this made the first months of her franchise business a big challenge.

Julie once had an unlicensed contractor walk off a job at her home. She did not want her customers to ever feel the pain and loss she went through. Her Handyman matters franchise has now been open over five years in Clearwater. It took Julie one year to reach profitability. She has slowly been moving up the rankings of the Handyman matters franchises. Following the business plan as laid out by the company’s owners, Julie believes she will one day be ranked in the top 10 percent of all Handyman franchises.

Handyman Matters has a plan

So how can a woman with no experience succeed? Julie’s previous profession? She is a retired U.S. Air Force Captain! A natural leader, with determination and tenacity unmatched. She earned three handfuls of medals while serving our country.

Handyman Matters is a franchise company which can tackle most any household repair job for you. No job is too small or big. Licensed and insured with a company guarantee to stand by their work. The company slogan: “We’ll complete your honey do — when your honey didn’t!”

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