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Thanks to our latest country’s recession, the numbers of people losing their jobs and homes is staggering. Most every report seems to have a different growing number for the losses and the fallout from the recession is still not over. Everyone knows someone, a business or themselves which has had to liquidate, downsize or be foreclosed on. I personally have a good friend who had a 5000 square foot custom home with a view once upon a time. He was a house builder and when the market fell, so did all his income. He luckily found a buyer to short sell his home. He presently is building houses again, but with all the stress and hardships that came along, he and his wife also divorced.

During these rough economic times, people had to get creative or reinvent themselves to survive. One such person was David Flax of Atlanta, Georgia.   David in the late 2000’s David Flax had a very successful executive recruiting business. Like so many people around our country David and his wife Jennifer thought they were doing great. What’s the old saying? “Had the bull by the horns”.

The Flax family was good, until our economy went south. Like so many other people and families, they started to struggle. Finally after losing their home, properties and other assets they moved into a rental. Now struggling to find good employment David started looking at franchise opportunities. The Flax family discovered Window Genie.

Window Genie is a company which provides, window cleaning, window tinting, pressuring washing and gutter cleaning. Of course this was not in David’s field of expertise, but it just seemed like a good business for the Atlanta metro region. Years back when David was financially doing well, he managed to do something more people should have done, a 401K account. The account was paying the family bills and keeping them afloat. When the Window Genie franchise idea was decided on, they used the last of the 401K to start their new business.

Now move forward in time and we find the Flax family with one of the fastest growing franchises for Window Genie. With the Window Genie proven system for success, David and Jennifer once again, “Have the bull by the horns”.

Jim Walsh


Food & Beverage Consultant

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Bio: 30 plus years’ experience of restaurant ownership, management, sales and consulting